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Uncovering Innate Mental Health with Dr. Bill Pettit

Uncovering Innate Mental Health
Dr. Bill Pettit has been a student of medicine, psychiatry, physiology and neuroscience for over 50 years. In this illuminating conversation, he points to the simplicity of how our human design works and shares the universal principles that are operating in the background of your life.

Bill leans into the wisdom of Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, and Sydney Banks as he shares a fresh understanding of mental health and peace of mind. In over 800 hours of training to become a psychiatrist, Bill never received one lecture on mental health, just mental illness.

This podcast episode will give you renewed hope and awaken your natural state of mental health and well being. Transcend the limits of the cultural beliefs of materialism and duality.
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Episode Highlights
2:30 – Bill started his career in psychiatry looking for peace of mind and hoping to be less reactive to life's circumstances. For the first 41 years of his life, he believed that his reactions where caused by people and events.

5:00 – Bill grew up with a God that scared the poop out him. Learn how he has explored the beliefs he inherited and has evolved his view of God and Infinite intelligence. Everybody's “starter kit” is different and told it is the “truth”.

7:50 – How the stress Bill created led him to feel like a failure. He left psychiatry because he didn't see people getting peace of mind and he saw the tremendous side effects of the medications.

12:10 – Bill shares that in the 800-1000 hours of lecture and instruction he had to become a board-certified psychiatrist there was no mention of mental health.

14:00 – In 1983, Bill met Sydney Banks and saw that he knew more about mental health than anyone he had met. Syd Banks spoke to him at a place where truth resides within all of us.

15:20 – Bill had been struggling with depression for 21 years and saw 6 psychiatrists that helped him from being hospitalized but never guided him to peace of mind. He used to think that his mental health struggles were hereditary until he discovered he was never broken and not lacking anything.

16:40 – Bill shares that he was spending a great deal of his day in negative thinking and being constantly driven to prove himself worthy. As little as 3 minutes of negative thinking creates a chemical imbalance in the brain.

17:50 – There is a wisdom beyond the intellect that guides us in every moment.

19:00 – Syd Banks saw that God is not a judgmental entity, it is Intelligent Energy.

19:50 – Listen for an amazing quote by Albert Einstein that shows he was a deeply religious man. He starts, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious…”

25:50 – Carl Jung said, “Man will NEVER relieve his suffering by his own thinking but only by revelations of a wisdom beyond his intellect.” If he would have seen the principles behind this, he wouldn't have recommended 1,000 hours of Jungian analysis.

27:53 – If you aren't any closer to the solution after 2-3 minutes of analysis, you won't be any closer in 20-30 years.

31:00 – We live in this illusion of duality. When we forget that we are spiritual energy in human form, we get scared and try to control life.

38:40 – How free will leads us to either listen to our spiritual guidance or believe our thinking. Nobody wants to die righteously miserable. Everyone wants to live in peace. Many people have given up hope that this is possible. Once hope is given, resistance melts away.

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