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Activating the Power of
our Creative Imagination to
Build a World of
Peace, Harmony, Beauty & Abundance

Why the Peaceful World Project?

Because: Focusing millions of minds on one expected happening
will cause it to happen.
What do you currently expect?
Focus on what you deeply desire.

Our Decree

  • We live in a creative, intelligent universe that responds to our mind and imagination. Form follows ideas. Anything created by men or women started as an idea in their creative imagination.
  • Whatever I can conceive as true, I can bring into being. We expect the best for our selves and our communities.
  • We completely opt out of the war paradigm.
  • Success means successful living. When you are peaceful, happy, joyous, and doing what you love to do, you are successful. 
  • God is bliss, boundless love, infinite intelligence, absolute harmony, indescribable beauty and perfection.
  • God is the highest and best in you. Express more of God’s love, light, truth, and beauty, and you will become one of the happiest persons in the world today. 
  • Our imaginations and minds have been distorted by false narratives, beliefs, and conditioning in school and by the media.
  • We reclaim our minds and creative imaginations to step out of the cave of ignorance, superstition and fear.
  • Together we imagine the bright future we desire and deserve with abundant, nutritious food; clean air and water; loving communities of care; and living in harmony with nature and divine order.
  • We build this beautiful world one individual at a time. No Cogs guides individuals to imagine and create the lives and livelihoods they desire.
  • We affirm:
    • I am guided to the true expression of my hidden talents to create a peaceful, beautiful life and world.
    • I am guided to my true place in life.
    • I am guided to express love, truth, harmony, beauty, and goodwill in all of my actions and thoughts.

THe invitation

We invite you to submit your vision for the world that you deeply desire. Make it as alive and colorful as possible. Include as much detail as you can. What do you feel like as you live and move in this world?

Share an essay, poem, song, video, or artwork. Let your imagination run wild. Remember: If you can desire it, you can create it.

Email to:

By sharing your vision, you agree that we can publish it in our community space which is opening soon.