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Opt out of the war paradigm

Opt out of the war paradigm

War is extremely profitable for the military-industrial-academia-biotech complex. The controllers view men and women as useless animals who are disposable. Society and its institutions are designed to prop up the war paradigm. 

Healthy men and women are not designed to kill. Killing another man or woman leads to deep trauma in the human psyche. Only pathological people delight in doing others harm and see personal benefit from doing so. Generations of men and women are deeply traumatized, lost, and fearful.

Freedom = Health

Many people think freedom is the result of war. That leads to the mistaken belief that we need a strong military.

War never brings freedom. It only enriches the few at the expense of the many. Both sides of a war are funded by the controllers. They profit from rebuilding a losing country after war and profit from the debt payments of the “victorious” country. 

So what is freedom? I am reading Let Like Cure Like by Vinton McCabe. It sparked this post and I want to share the brilliant definition of freedom by modern homeopath George Vithoulkas that he shares:

“Health is freedom from pain in the physical body, having attained a state of well-being; freedom from passion on the emotional level, having as a result a dynamic state of serenity and calm; and freedom from selfishness in the mental sphere, having as a result total unification with Truth.” 

Given this definition of freedom as health, how many of us are truly free? How many of us are healthy? 

Raised Under the Dark Cloud of War 

We cannot be free and healthy if we don’t understand true freedom and healing. We have been raised under the dark cloud of War. In this ugly, inhumane, man-made War Paradigm:

  • War is seen as a necessary and unavoidable part of the human experience: war on drugs, war on poverty, war on obesity, war on climate change, war on terror, war on cancer, and on and on. 
  • Men and women are sacrificed on the alter of war. 
  • The truth is that wars are fought for profit. 
  • The weaponry industry is the most profitable and largest industry on the planet. 
  • We the people are financing all of this insanity as debt and tax slaves. 
  • The United States has been in a state of emergency since 1933. In a state of emergency, all constitutional rights are suspended. There is a continuous stream of invisible enemies that the government is “protecting” us from.
  • Everything that is taught in school is aimed at propping up the war paradigm and providing workers for the military-industrial-academia-biotech industry. 
  • Bad science tells us that humanity is at war with Nature. Humanity is seen as parasites harming planet earth. The goal of governments around the world is to reduce the human population. 

Schooling: War Against the Human Mind

Knowledge is never value-free. Behind every “education” program in America is a hidden agenda of getting people to passively accept the government’s war paradigm.  School is working perfectly. It is not broken. It is the government’s greatest weapon against humanity. School dumbs us down, breaks our connection to our inner self and knowing, and controls our perception of reality with propaganda.

How do you train soldiers to be blindly obedient to their generals? The Prussian army designed schools to create blind obedience. This Prussian school model was imported into the United States in the 1800s. I strongly encourage you to read John Taylor Gatto’s Weapons of Mass Instruction to learn more about the dark history of schooling.

One of the main purposes of schooling is “to alienate individual children from themselves in order for their identities to be merged into a group identity”. You cannot manufacture slaves if an individual has a strong sense of their unique spiritual being and calling. 

False facts and destructive ideologies produce obedient workers for the military-industrial-academia-biotech industry. History is managed by crafting crises in the shadows and then demanding unity to fix the artificial crisis. Leaders are given absolute power and privileges to save us from this fake crisis. Science is distorted by picking and choosing scientific theories that back the technocratic and eugenics agenda (the Big Bang theory, evolution and the survival of the fittest, virology, etc.). The important thing to understand is that all of these theories have opposing theories with valid scientific evidence. 

Young men and women are being fed a distorted narrative of life, history, government, and science during their 13 years of forced attendance at government schools. Then they are herded into institutions of higher education that complete the indoctrination process and imprison many in student loan debt.

False History + Bad Science + Moral Relativism = The Current Mess

It’s time to opt out of the war paradigm. Am I saying that everyone that goes to university is participating in the war machine? Not everyone. But a lot of talented young people are fed into the war machine. Take a look at the top 25 companies hiring college graduates in 2022. I see a list of banks, big tech, national and online retail, defense contractors, and the military. The highest paid graduates are engineering majors and most of them work for defense contractors. 

Am I unrealistic to dream of a world where talented young men and women work for small main street businesses to strengthen their local communities and build a decentralized economy? 

The Practice of Medicine as War

When you take a step back, you will see that our entire medical complex is based on the war paradigm. We have been taught to see “disease” as something that invades the body from the outside. We then turn to the doctor-warrior to fight the disease by introducing medicine or a surgical procedure into the body to remove the disease from a part of the body. If the doctor wins the war, the patient lives. If the doctor loses the war, the patient dies. 

Of course, this is the way that disease works, right? Well, if that were correct and the current allopathic medical paradigm was safe and effective, why do so many of our loved ones die from cancer? Isn’t the cure often worse than the disease? When you realize that nobody has ever isolated a virus, then the whole house of cards of allopathic medicine and “public health” falls apart. 

Quantum mechanics revealed in the last century that we are energetic beings and our minds have the power to affect matter. So, why are our overall states of being and minds ignored in allopathic, war-based medicine? 

“Modern science often reduces us to being meat machines, made of many parts that can be manipulated or removed or replaced like parts of a car. But we must never forget that there is an invisible being driving that car, and if that being is in a state of disruption, the meat machine is bound to ruin off the road and smash into a tree.” — Vinton McCabe, Let Like Cure Like

Holistic healing, homeopathy, and energy medicine are based on the ancient philosophy of vitalism. Vitalism is the understanding that there is a vital force that connects the visible self to the invisible self. In this paradigm, the body is designed to heal itself.

Classical homeopathy looks at the context in which symptoms of healing are appearing and gets to the root cause of an imbalance; the constitution of the man or woman. Symptoms of “disease” are the stages of the healing process. The totality of symptoms (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) is the expression of the vital force in our lives and bodies. A fever is the body’s healthy response to a system out of balance. Rashes are often the last, most visible phase of a healing process. 

I didn’t understand the power of homeopathy until recently because it is common for a health practitioner to use homeopathic remedies in an allopathic manner – to cure a cold or heal an injury. 

How is it possible for you to be at war with your own body? It is not possible. Your body is an amazingly complex organism that is designed to be a temple for your spirit. Homeopathy, holistic healing, and energy medicine goes to the level of the spirit to assess how your vital energy is being blocked. What is blocking the connection between your self and God? Is it any wonder that there is a war against homeopathy

Banking as War

Can you conceive of a monetary system that is not based on debt and usury? Most of us cannot without thinking about “unsophisticated” barter systems or pre-civilization gift economies. Remember, usury was considered a sin in Christendom for millennia. Jesus was a rebel because he confronted the moneychangers who were engaged in usury. 

12 And Jesus went into the Temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the Temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,
13 And said to them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer: but ye have made it a den of thieves. - Matthew: 21:12-13 1599 Geneva Bible

I came across an interesting study, Cogs in the machine: The prioritization of money and self-dehumanization, that shows a reciprocal relationship between self-dehumanization and the prioritization of money. In other words, people who focus mainly on making money de-humanize themselves. The authors of the study tell us that prioritization of money puts us at odds with what makes us human. This dissolves the line between men and women and inanimate objects like robots. Isn’t that handy for technocratic elites that want to merge humanity with machines? 

Learning the history of money is an incredible journey. Most of us are not taught that money is created out of thin air when we go to a bank to get a loan for a car, house or business. The banks do not have deposits of cash sitting in their vaults. They just create money in their digital ledgers when we sign a promissory note. Then they start making money on the interest on our loans. It is quite a well-designed scam to enrich bankers who are not adding value to the productive economy. 

I encourage you to follow the excellent work of John Titus on his YouTube channel Best Evidence. He shows how the private Federal Reserve shoveled money into retail banks to purchase assets. So, if banks can print money out of thin air to buy real assets, but we need to go to banks to get loans with increasingly higher interest rates, how can we the people win this game? It is also critical for you to understand how the Fed plans to weaponize CBDCs for a total control system. 

To learn more about the history of banking and the important role of the only state bank in the United States, the North Dakota State Bank, read this amazing report produced by the Solari Report. If enough of us see through this monetary monopoly that has seized control of government, we can demand state banks that support small businesses and farms. 

Industrial Agriculture as War

Most Americans trudge down to their local grocery store trusting that the food they are buying is healthy and nutritious. That is a dangerous assumption. I grow as much food as I possibly can and try to source the rest locally from regenerative farms and ranchers. I have grown to increasingly mistrust industrial agriculture and view it as one of the most destructive industries on the planet. 

One of the ways that banksters moved into agriculture was by introducing modern machinery into agriculture in the early 1900s. Yes, this technology improved the efficiency of small farms, however it was also expensive. Farmers took out bank loans to pay for the new machines. When the Great Depression was created by the banksters, farmers defaulted on their loans and their farms were seized.

What is industrial agriculture?  “Industrial agriculture is the large-scale, intensive production of crops and animals, often involving chemical fertilizers on crops or the routine, harmful use of antibiotics in animals (as a way to compensate for filthy conditions, even when the animals are not sick). It may also involve crops that are genetically modified, heavy use of pesticides, and other practices that deplete the land, mistreat animals, and increase various forms of pollution.” 

Most animals today are grown and harvested in large CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations). Doesn’t that acronym just make your skin crawl?

If you are going to purchase your food at your local supermarket, please read the article I linked to above. It will open your eyes to the war against the earth and living, breathing animals. The result of this agricultural war is air pollution, water pollution, animal abuse, antibiotic resistance, soil depletion and infertility, aquatic dead zones, and loss of biodiversity. Add to this the loss of many needed insects, including honey bees, with average colony loss of 30% each winter and monarch butterflies, whose population has gone down 80% in the last 15 years, 

As I wrote about in my post Contraceptive Corn, genetically modified seeds have the potential to be weapons. And what in the world is going on with releasing genetically modified mosquitos without adequate safety testing? Does anyone think that is going to end well? 

Human agriculture has existed for 12,000 years and the modern industrial practices that are wreaking havoc on the planet have only been around for a century. So why are sustainable permaculture practices being called “alternative”? Grow you own food, sign up for a community supported agriculture (CSA), and support local farmers and ranchers. 

The best thing you can do as an individual is not create any demand for factory farmed animals, vegetables, and processed foods. 

No Cogs: A New Paradigm of Peace

How do we opt out of this war paradigm that is jeopardizing the future of humanity? It all starts with education and realizing that there are other possibilities. War is not natural. 

It is time to embrace a new paradigm of peace, abundance, and cooperation. This life affirming paradigm celebrates and protects life in all of its diverse and beautiful forms. 

In order to make this shift, we must understand how thoroughly we have been hypnotized to passively accept that war is just part of the human condition. It is not. War is unnatural. It is used by psychopathic leaders to control humanity and enrich themselves. 

Are we going to continue to allow the controllers to have access to our minds and our sons’ and daughters’ minds? We need to cut off the controllers’ access to our minds as we support men and women ages 16+ to build ventures in the parallel economy.

I am launching a new initiative, No Cogs, as a life-affirming peaceful path into adulthood and as an off-ramp for people who feel trapped in work that upholds the war paradigm. No Cogs nurtures free thinkers, unlocks individual genius, and mentors builders.

Join the interest list for No Cogs. You are welcome as a learner, mentor, builder or advisor. 

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