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imagine your best life

Imagine Your Best Life

What does it feel like when you imagine your best life?

Men and women are the only beings who are self aware and can master their minds. We live in an abundant universe but society has created false scarcity and rigged the game of life.

The controllers of society have done a pretty good job trying to convince us to chase money because they are parasites that skim off the top. In America today, 50% of adults work for the government. They don’t produce anything. They just regulate and control the 30% of adults that are productive.

This is an invitation to imagine your best life and play a game that you can win. You win by coming up with your own definition of success and using your unique gifts and talents to do work that you enjoy.

How Do You Define Success?

How do you define success? Your definition of success will guide your decisions and actions. Is success defined by money and the accumulation of stuff?

Society’s definition of success is toxic. I have coached plenty of men and women who followed society’s recipe for success and ended up feeling empty and dissatisfied. They would frequently ask me, “Is this all there is?”

Your success is only limited by your imagination and willingness to go for it. Before you chart your course of action, you must imagine what you want and imagine what it will feel like when you are living your best life. If you’re imagining a mansion, yacht, sports car, jewelry, etc. this invitation isn’t for you. Why? Because once you realize that you want all of that stuff to be happy, then why not just be happy? Happiness isn’t something you achieve.

The pursuit of happiness makes people unhappy.

The Recipe for Happiness

What makes people happy? Here is my short recipe:

1) Love every moment of your life. Your life is a gift from the Creator. Your life is a mathematical miracle.

2) Understand that you are the creator of ALL of your experiences. Stop playing the victim game.

3) Follow the Golden Rule. Do only that which makes you loved.

4) Disconnect from negative programming that is full of self-hatred. Don’t believe any of your misery thinking.

5) Be a giver not a taker. Give your unique gifts and talents freely in service of others. Life is not a competition.

You will begin to realize that you are happy when you are loving. This doesn’t mean that you accept ill treatment or abuse. Healthy boundaries are necessary. Do not accept unloving behavior. Look past the behavior to the confused and traumatized soul. Send them a big burst of love as you walk out the door. Even abusers and pathological souls have something to teach you – learn the lesson and move on.

The Power of Imagination

I give you permission to dream a big dream. As I point out in my book, Healing from School, 98% of five-year olds have the innate capacity for genius – defined by the ability to creatively solve problems. By adulthood, only 2% of adults are still connected to their inner genius. You reawaken your genius by dreaming big. Remember, you are either building someone else’s dream or your own.

Where do you want to live? Who do you want to build community with? What work do you want to do? What problems do you want to solve? How will it feel to be living your best life? How are your energy levels? Are you laughing, dancing, singing? What does it feel like? This is not a sterile goal setting exercise.

All life is vibrational energy. Your body has voltage. One of my favorite books is Healing is Voltage by Dr. Jerry Tennant. Stand barefoot on the land. Get plenty of sunshine. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol. Drink alkaline water. Exercise. Avoid EMF exposure. Get out into nature. Increase your voltage.

When you focus on creating your dream, you will increase your voltage as you take right action. We are trained to regret the past and worry about the future. Don’t do this. The past only exists in your mind. The future never arrives.

Imagine what you desire and keep your focus trained only on what you desire. Hold onto the outcome lightly because life might have other plans for you – and your dream might even be too small. Trust. Play. Love.

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