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Homeschooling Success Story with Sage Thorsen

Caprice and Sage, her 17 year old daughter, have a powerful conversation about what it was like for Sage to learn outside of school her whole life.

Sage and Caprice Thorsen

Caprice was invited to consult to a group of parents who are considering homeschooling next year. Hearing this, Sage offered to share her personal experience of homeschooling. Thank you Sage!

Sage tells us that the worst part of homeschooling is the negative (and incorrect) stereotypes most people have about homeschoolers. Sage is rarely home and has lots of opportunities to be in the world and socialize.

Sage was able to learn her way, have a flexible schedule to pursue her passion for dance, and found herself ahead of most of her peers academically by her junior year.

Dyslexia gives Sage strengths that wouldn't be recognized in conventional school. Sage and Caprice share her success at the college level, getting a perfect 100 in ENG 101 and ENG 102 as a dual enrollment student.

We talk about learning looks at different age levels and how to craft learning experiences that work for your kids.

Wanting more support? Check out Caprice's new book: Instead of Schooling: Educating for Creativity, Resilience & Happiness.

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