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Podcast season 1

Uncovering Innate Mental Health with Dr. Bill Pettit

Uncovering Innate Mental Health Dr. Bill Pettit has been a student of medicine, psychiatry, physiology and neuroscience for over 50 years. In this illuminating conversation, he points to the simplicity of how our human design works and shares the universal principles that are operating in the background of your life. Bill leans into the wisdom of Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, and Sydney Banks as he shares a fresh understanding of… Read More »Uncovering Innate Mental Health with Dr. Bill Pettit

Galileo Homeschool Programs

Show Overview Kelly Davis shares her journey of going from Pennsylvania to Taiwan where she is the co-founder and Director of Education for Galileo which offers innovative, self-directed homeschool programs geared to modern, active families. Galileo helps students build productive learning habits, become aware global citizens, and become job creators not desperate job fillers. Learn why Kelly is thrilled to have the opportunity to build a global school, where kids… Read More »Galileo Homeschool Programs

Real School Choice with Unschooling School

Show Overview What does real school choice look like? Creating a school within a school for free learners. Heather MacTaggart has been working to change the education system in Canada for 23 years. She has attracted a team of educators with a combined experience of 229 years in education to expand the Unschooling School movement around the world. Join the Unschooling School movement as a parent, learner, or educator. The… Read More »Real School Choice with Unschooling School

Instead of Schooling with Michael Maser & Caprice Thorsen

Show Overview Michael Maser interviews Caprice Thorsen about her new book: Instead of Schooling: Educating for Creativity, Resilience, & Happiness. Caprice shares her journey of 17 years of self-directed education and home educating her two daughters, Sage and Kayli. She wrote this book to empower parents to educate their children so that they discover who they are, what their gifts and talents are, and how to live a joyful life.… Read More »Instead of Schooling with Michael Maser & Caprice Thorsen

Self Directed Education and Junto with Tomis Parker

Why do we train humans to be who they are not? Listen to Caprice and Tomis talk about self-directed education and the benefits to children and society. Tomis sees self-directed education, building trust-based relationships, and learning to live with all sorts of people are necessary to thrive. He describes schooling as an 18-year hazing process that leads to the society we have today. We talk about how trust is the… Read More »Self Directed Education and Junto with Tomis Parker

Praxis and Crash cofounder Isaac Morehouse

The relentless pursuit of freedom In this episode, I speak with Isaac Morehouse, founder of Crash and Praxis, about his relentless pursuit of freedom. Isaac shares how Crash.Co and Praxis guide young people to make themselves the credential and by learning out loud, create value and prove it. We talk about how the false belief that a college credential will get you a job leads young people down a high… Read More »Praxis and Crash cofounder Isaac Morehouse

Stress Free Learning and Homeschooling with Mariaemma Willis

In this episode, I speak with Mariaemma Willis about how to do stress free homeschooling and learning both in school and at home by focusing on a student's strengths and honoring learning differences. Take the Self Portrait© Power Traits Assessment For $5 off each assessment, click here for parent assessment, and here for the student assessment. More about Mariaemma Wills: Mariaemma Willis is co-author of the book Discover Your Child’s… Read More »Stress Free Learning and Homeschooling with Mariaemma Willis

Homeschooling Success Story with Sage Thorsen

Caprice and Sage, her 17 year old daughter, have a powerful conversation about what it was like for Sage to learn outside of school her whole life. Sage and Caprice Thorsen Caprice was invited to consult to a group of parents who are considering homeschooling next year. Hearing this, Sage offered to share her personal experience of homeschooling. Thank you Sage! Sage tells us that the worst part of homeschooling… Read More »Homeschooling Success Story with Sage Thorsen

Homeschool High School with Sora Schools

Show Overview In this episode, I speak with Sora Schools co-founder Indra Sofian about a fresh approach to homeschool high school based on extensive research on how teens really learn. Indra tells us how he and his two co-founders met at a venture capital firm while at Georgia Tech and started sharing how much each disliked their high school experiences. They started brainstorming a new way to do high school.… Read More »Homeschool High School with Sora Schools

Why Kids Hate School

Ever wonder why kids hate school? Kayli shares her experience of trying public school for the first time for 7th grade after self-directing her own education. Some of the insider views that Kayli shares: Most school work is boring and seems pointless. Schools still focus on memorization and cramming information into kids. Bullying is mainly ignored by the adults. Sexual harrassment is rampant in middle schools but they aren't doing… Read More »Why Kids Hate School