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Opt out of the war paradigm

Opt out of the war paradigm

War is extremely profitable for the military-industrial-academia-biotech complex. The controllers view men and women as useless animals who are disposable. Society and its institutions are designed to prop up the war paradigm.  Healthy men and women are not designed to kill. Killing another man or woman leads to deep trauma in the human psyche. Only pathological people delight in doing others harm and see personal benefit from doing so. Generations of… Read More »Opt out of the war paradigm

build your dream

The main purpose of No Cogs is to help you build your dream. No dream is too big. What do you want to build today? If you don’t know what to build or believe your dream is too big, we are a community of like-hearted souls and experienced mentors who will guide you. Often the most difficult part of the building process is just getting started and staying focused. Too… Read More »build your dream

Imagine Your Best Life

imagine your best life

What does it feel like when you imagine your best life? Men and women are the only beings who are self aware and can master their minds. We live in an abundant universe but society has created false scarcity and rigged the game of life. The controllers of society have done a pretty good job trying to convince us to chase money because they are parasites that skim off the… Read More »imagine your best life

Mind Mastery: Make friends with your mind

What is mind mastery? We are sold the myth that “enlightenment” is a rare occurrence that can only happen after decades of meditation, deprivation, and effort. The truth is that you are already enlightened. The eternal, never-changing part of you shines a light through your mind that illuminates all objects of experience. You cannot turn this light off, nor can you affect it in any way. Your life is about… Read More »Mind Mastery: Make friends with your mind