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build your dream

The main purpose of No Cogs is to help you build your dream. No dream is too big. What do you want to build today?

If you don’t know what to build or believe your dream is too big, we are a community of like-hearted souls and experienced mentors who will guide you. Often the most difficult part of the building process is just getting started and staying focused. Too many people die with unrealized dreams and their music still inside of them. The world needs your unique genius. We are all important.

Our Innovation Incubator is modeled after the Perfect Livelihood Incubator online course.

Step One: Imagine

Anything that you see around you that wasn’t grown in nature was first imagined by a man or a woman no smarter or greater than you. If you have the capacity to imagine it, you can build it. Probably not alone. That’s okay. We are in this together.

The power of our imagination is immense. That is why schooling invests the formative years of our lives dulling our imagination and turning us into obedient zombies. Well that stops here.

Don’t let self-doubt or worries about “how” you will build it dull your imagination. Dream big.

Step Two: Draft

Create a cheap and simple prototype of your product or service and get feedback from people who are looking for your solution. You will notice that the No Cogs website does just that. We are building our interest list as we connect with mentors and build our offers.

Step Three: Share

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make is only having conversations with themselves in their heads. Before you build it, make sure that people want it.

Let your hungry prospective customers help you build it. It could be a website mock-up or a hand build item. Ask men and women what they want, how they are getting their needs met today, and if they are willing to invest money in a solution.

Step Four: Build to Scale

You’ve created an interest list, a prototype, and gotten feedback from your potential customers. Now build it and ship it. This will be an iterative process and every version will get better. Part of this building process is letting people know that you and your solution exist. You will never stop working on steps 1-3 as you build, ship, get feedback, improve, ask, listen, iterate.

Join our interest list and be the first to know when the Innovation Incubator is live!

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