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Builders. not Cogs. We make Waves.



K-12 Schooling into Higher Ed is the Abusive Path to voluntary servitude.

The game of “success” and the money system is rigged. The legal system is corrupted. Our culture is toxic. Corporate government and its institutions are marching us off a cliff.

It’s all fake. Schooling trains us to obey and passively accept the fake world they designed.

No Cogs is the solution. Get valuable life skills and create what you want.

Tired of the status quo? Lost faith in bureaucrats run amok? Ready to build your own thing and have complete control of your time and compensation?

Join our uncollege to author your own life and build your dreams. We offer mentoring, community, and solutions groups. You are not alone. We are ready to support you on your journey.

The standardized path to nowhere

You are a Builder. Not a Cog.

Don’t waste your precious time and energy building someone else’s dream. Reject fear. Ignore the negative news and programming designed to make you imagine a bleak future.

The possibilities for your life are limitless.

Learn how to connect with your inner genius. Discover your unique gifts and talents. Build something valuable that makes your heart sing. The world needs your unique genius!

You are NOT a cog in the machine.

Our Understanding

Life is not a Dumb machine

  1. We live in an abundant, creative, intelligent universe manifested by a loving Creator.
  2. We generate our individual sense of reality through the power of our imagination and spirit.
  3. Together we can overcome any challenge facing humanity using our powers of reason, creativity, and innovation. 
Life flourishes when there is love, cooperation, and creativity.
Life is a mysterious adventure. Embrace it.
Our purpose

We mentor you to gain the life skills you need to build a beautiful, meaningful life

The old systems and institutions are breaking down. Let them go. We have too much good work to do. Let’s build something amazing. Together.

The uncertainty of our times invites us to unlock our genius and create a new world. That’s why we created No Cogs. We help you design and play a game that you can win (and enjoy).

Do you want mentors to guide you on your path? Are you hungry for a tribe of free thinkers to share your journey? Confused about what is really going on? That’s where we come in.

Meet the crew


We stepped off the broken path to nowhere many years ago. And we are ready to help you build your own path.

We are a circle of experienced, heart-centered mentors who are pushing the limits of humanity’s knowledge, skills, and imagination. (Bios coming soon!) You don’t need a PhD to teach someone what you know. You need life experience and a track record of building something great.

Caprice Lea, Founder & Catalyst

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