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Gap Year. Alternative to College. Career Change.

Now is not the time to lose hope.
It is time to Build.


Calling all men and women who want to offer their gifts and talents as Healers, Community Scientists, Regenerative Farmers, Inventors, Builders, and Wisdom Keepers.

We help you figure out what you want to do with your precious life and then we reverse engineer your education and skills training. Begin authoring your own life! Design it from your own values to avoid a mid-life crisis. 

You are a miracle. Life is a miracle. You are here for a reason. Listen to your inner voice whispering to you. Don’t betray your soul’s calling by following the standardized path (it was designed by the controllers who enrich themselves from your labor).

Mentors and elders are here to support you on your journey. Join interactive workshops and group coaching sessions.

Grow into a healthy sense of your self. Do not blindly believe what you are told. Here we will never say, “trust the science”. We encourage you to “question the science” and “question everything”.

As the current systems break down (and they need to), we are ready to rebuild – starting with you! Instead of joining a large company that is part of the control system, create your own path. Be a job creator not a job seeker. Be bold and unstoppable in a community of souls authoring their own lives. 


You are not alone. Partner with a mentor who has mastered a skill that you want.


Learn by doing and building solutions. No textbooks, memorization, or tests.


True wealth is beyond paper “money”. We are ready to rebuild. What do you want to build today?


Self knowledge

Self-knowledge is the highest form of knowledge. We help you identify your true Self, heal trauma and emotional wounds, and discover your unique genius. Learn to love your self and connect with your intuition and inner power. 

You discover the source of ALL of your problems are identities you unknowingly created. They are not your true self.


Hands-on Learning

make friends with your mind

Your mind is a tool, not your master. You create your reality with your powerful mind. It’s time to learn how to use this power. Read More.

Imagine your best life

What do you want to do with your precious life? You’ve been programmed to live small and obey. Time to break free of negative programming. Read More

BUILD your dream

Join our Innovation Incubator and we will partner you with a mentor who is a few steps ahead of you on your path. Become a job creator not a job seeker. Read More

join us

Your Spirit is Calling You to Build a Magnificent Life