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Discover how to build a beautiful life

the Important stuff not taught in school

Why no Cogs?

Our brilliance is suppressed to make us cogs in the machine. At No Cogs, you will discover how to:

Optimize your life force energy. How your electric body really works.

Be self-sufficient as systems break down.

Enjoy healthy, nurturing relationships and family.

Create true wealth doing what you love in service to others.

Bonus: Unlearn Everything. You cannot be free until you know what enslaves you

School is designed to make you a cog to keep the dominant war paradigm in place. Most college graduates join the government-medical-military complex. No Cogs is the on-ramp to freedom.

Discovery Paths

#1 Supercharge your ENergy

Optimal health & Life Force energy

What does if feel like to be healthy and energized every day?

Designed to maximize your life force energy so that you live a long and adventurous life.

Join challenges to shift unhealthy patterns and beliefs and step into your full power and freedom.

Challenges Include
  • No More Self Sabotage
  • What Makes Us Sick?
  • Caring for your Body
  • Mastering Your Mind
  • Protecting your Self Against Energy Vampires
#2 Become self-sufficient

Self-Sufficiency: Food, Water, SHelter & Energy

What does if feel like to be Self-Sufficient?

This practical learning path guides you to create food, water and energy security for your family and community.

Upcoming Challenges
  • Grow Food
  • Plant a Food Forest
  • Backyard Chickens
  • Water Collection & Purification
  • Building Structures
  • Off-Grid Energy
#3 build great relationships

nourishing relationships

We all want a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

Why do 50% of marriages end in divorce? How can you build a relationships that supports and nurtures both of you? Parent without battles.

Upcoming Challenges
  • Understanding Men and Women and the key differences.
  • Dating 101
  • Getting your needs met.
  • Meeting your partner’s needs.
  • Avoiding unhealthy people.
  • Strengthening the relationship through conflict.
#4 Start & Grow Your own venture

wealth Incubator

How does it feel to keep 100% of your compensation?

Would you like to have control over your time and your schedule? By merging your interests, talents, and passions, we help you write an action plan, create a prototype, test it, and bring your product or service to market. 

No Cogs builds solutions. The Wealth Incubator guides you to build a venture that solves a challenge that is important to you. Our business coaches help you build a profitable biz that works for you.

#5 Bonus

Unlearn Everything

Everything you were taught is false

A book/documentary club on steroids. When you realize that everything you have been taught is false, it can get a bit lonely. You cannot be free until you understand what enslaves you.

Every month, we watch a documentary, read a book, or explore another mind-blowing resource and come together online to source Truth.

Upcoming Explorations
  • Out of Shadows documentary
  • “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History
  • The Sovereign’s Way
  • The Great Taking
  • Diagnostic & Statistical Manual: Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam documentary
  • Jones Plantation movie
  • The Science Delusion
  • The Electric Universe Theory
  • The True Concept of the Atom
  • The Secret of Light


Connect. Renew your mind. Build something awesome. There are many membership levels, depending on whether you want to be fully self-directed, connected with mentors, or receive the full support of the Innovation Incubator. You choose.

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